In old chimneys the mortar joints between the bricks or stonework fail. The mortar becomes porous, turns sandy and crumbles away. Then poisonous fumes, tars and condensation can all leak out of the flue into the home.
ISOKOAT is applied under pressure and forced into the cracks and fissures, sealing them, re-pointing the joints and making good the flue wall. Mineral fibre reinforcement in the ISOKOAT ensures that the wet material will not pour or leak away through larger cracks, but will be forced into and fill and bridge them.
The coating is built up usually using between 2 and 4 applications to provide a smooth, gas tight flue which will withstand the effects of flue gases for years to come. The flue is fully repaired and sealed with virtually no reduction in size; very important if the correct flue size is to be maintained for the Open Fire or appliance served by the chimney.
This ISOKOAT flue coating and renovating system developed by ISOKERN, has been used in thousands of installations in Europe since the 1950's. The system has demonstrated its simplicity and reliability and given many an old or leaking chimney a complete new lease of life.
ISOKOAT comew with a 10 year Guarantee.