Broseley Stoves
Hestia 7 Wood Burning Stove
The Broseley Hestia 7 wood burning stove is a traditional steel stove with a simple portrait design and large firebox. This stove in metallic black is eminently adaptable. The door is made from cast-iron allowing for the decorative curve detailing to the arched glass window. these subtle design touches are offset by the modern chrome door handle and air controls.

In looks, this stove in Metallic Black finished steel is eminently adaptable. The door is made from cast iron allowing detailing such as the decorative curve to the large viewing window. Yet these design touches are so subtle and offset by the modern chrome door handle and controls. The stove makes a  welcome sight in a contemporary living room. Its 7kW output brings ample heat into a small to medium sized room. The Hestia 7 has all the design advantages of the Hestia 5 but with a broader window and the 7kW power to heat a medium to large sized room.
  1. Nominal Output
  2. Maximum Efficiency
  3. Flue Diameter
    5" (125mm)
  4. Flue Location
    Top/ Rear
  5. External Air
  6. Output Range
  7. Defra approved
  8. Boiler Option
  9. Boiler Output
  10. Energy Rating
  1. 12mm Hearth Approved
  2. Weight
  3. Distance to combustibles
    450mm Sides/ 450mm Rear
  4. Height
  5. Width
  6. Depth
  7. Distance from rear to center flue
  8. Distance from floor to center of rear flue
  9. Colour
    Matt Black
  10. Options