Eldfast is a UK manufactured ceramic chimney lining system that is perfectly suited to open and inset fires. The qualities of the material not only retain the flue cross section but also strengthen the chimney while helping to improve the updraught. As the system is not modular but parged onto the walls of the chimney it can also cope with fluctuations in the cross section size and fill in mortar snots and damged brickwork. The strength of the material and resistance to heat and thermal shock makes it the only system on the market that is still guarenteed following a soot / chimney fire.
Eldfast features:
  • 25 Year Guarantee
  • Guaranteed even after chimney fire 
  • Wholy ceramic - non corrosive
  • Preserves cross section of the flue
  • Suitable for all flue types. 
  • 50-60 year life expectancy 
  • Improve chimney updraught 
  • Provide structural support to chimney
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