Chimney Sweeping
Professional reliable chimney sweep and survey services for residential and commercial properties for London & surrounding areas.
The job of a chimney sweep is to help prevent chimney fires and reduce the risk of harmful emissions that are produced by heating appliances from blocked, partially blocked and damaged chimneys.
The chimney will be fully sealed to stop any soot or debris entering the room. The chimney will then be swept and any debris and soot will be removed from the premises. A smoke test will then be carried out and a certificate issued.
We also give advice on cowls and chimney pots plus do measurements for installation of stoves and other fireplace accessories.
Chimney Sweeping
We will endeavour to clean you chimney with little or no mess to the house. We have various levels of service from full structural inspections to just sweeping.
Perform a thorough chimney sweep
Inspect and survey the chimney
Smoke tests for solid & gas type fireplaces.
Remove blockages inc birds, squirrels, leaves, building debris etc
Issue a certificate to show the chimneys have been professionally cleaned and/or surveyed.
Pressure Testing
A pressure test is a test to the chimney to see if it is leaking.
The chimney will be swept as detailed above
Then a smoke test will be carried out when the chimney is sealed at the top and bottom.
The whole length of the flue will then be inspected to see if its leaking including in the loft.
A report will then be issued also with any advice that can be given.
Pots, Cowls & Caps
Chimney Pots, Cowls & Caps
We supply and fit all types of chimney cowls, caps and chimney pots.
The termination of a chimney flue is very important. This helps the harmful gasses escape into the atmosphere and keep them away from your property. The height and place were the chimney stops on your roof can help prevent downdraughts and drafts. With the right chimney pot and cowl these can be stopped. An inspection might be necessary but most advice can be given on the phone or via email to guide you to the correct combination or cowl.
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    • Anti - Bird Cowls •
Designed to stop birds entering the house via the chimney pot.
• Anti - Downdraught Cowls •
To stop downdraughts causing harmful smoke and carbon monoxide from entering the house back down the chimney.
• Rotary Cowls •
Helps the draw on some chimney flues
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